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Hayley Healey Movement Progressions

Structural Alignment & Functional Re-Patterning


Is your physical activity becoming limited?

Does your body have aches and pains that it didn't used to?

Do you want to Re-Pattern your body to move and feel better?



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Progressions Method Neuromuscular Re-Patterning
Hayley Healey Movement Progressions Mission


♦ Progress to safe & pain free movements
♦ Re-Pattern your movements away from your injury area
♦ Move more effectively and efficiently
♦ Take back control of your body


♦ De-stress the body and movement
♦ Mentally and physically strengthen your body
♦ Unite with the activities that make you happy!


♦ Maximize rotation and stability components of the core and spine
♦ Maximize the functional action of your foot, knee, hip and shoulders
♦ Maximize your joint balance and musculature efficiency and effectiveness

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♦  An approach to your workouts that perpetuate efficiency, safety and better results.

♦  Learn the Five Movement Segments of your body.

♦  Learn movement pattern that reduce wear and tear in the soft tissues and joints.

♦  Avoid dysfunctional movements that cause joints to become fixed, unstable, inflamed, arthritic and painful.

♦  Learn exercises that address and strengthen your weak segment.

♦  Calculate your efficiency of movement through your Structural Alignment Assessment


Package Pricing

Jump Start Package.............................................................................$199
    Pre-Structural Alignment Assessment + 2 private sessions*
5 Session Individual Package*.........................................................$350
Single Individual Session*....................................................................$80

5 Session Duet Package per person*...........................................$275
Single Duet Session*....................................................................................$130

Pre/Post Assessment (75 minutes)..............................................$100

                          *All sessions are 55 minutes


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Hayley Healey PMA®-CPT

Hayley Healey

• The Progressions Method for Neuromuscular Re-Patterning

• The Body Landmark Method™
• Pilates Certified Teacher & Educator
• CoreAlign Master Instructor
• Structural Alignment Specialist

Hayley Healey PMA®-CPT, is a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Teacher, was named the 1st CoreAlign Master Instructor, and is an industry veteran with over 20 years as an innovator in functional body alignment methods and assessment. She incorporates Pilates, CoreAlign and other movement modalities to achieve positive body efficiency with each client.

She is the owner of Hayley Healey Movement Progressions Training Center, where she sees clients and teaches her Progressions Method for Neuromuscular Re-patterning. She also has created The Body Landmark Method™ and the Structural Alignment Assessment™. 

Hayley also teaches her method in teacher training courses to instructors around the world.Her education methods for client programming come from a expertise and calling for connecting structural alignment with efficiency of functional movement, resulting in measurable and effective change in activities and lives. Hayley is an industry presenter and her coursework is approved through the Pilates Method Alliance for continuing education credits.



(928) 325-0011




By Appointment Only


7000 Hwy 179 Suite A106

Sedona, AZ 86351

~located at The Collective Sedona in the Village of Oak Creek

Client Testimonials


Are you coming in to visit Sedona and would like to get a jump start on re-patterning your body? Hayley Healey and her Progressions Method for Neuromuscular Re-Patterning offers a jump start package that includes a Structural Alignment Assessment and two training sessions that will address you patterns and unwind structural dysfunction. Also available are week long intensive trainings that are specially designed for those that are wanting to take their patterning work even deeper. 

The Progressions Method Training Center located in The Collective Sedona. To reinforce your Neuromuscular Re-Patterning sessions, you can enjoy hikes in the beautiful red rocks or spa treatments at The Sedona Health Spa. Of course there are many great local restaurants to choose from...  You might even choose to make it simple and relax by the pool in the the perfect Sedona sun. In the evening after sunset, you can easily stargaze with Sedona's "dark sky" environment.   

Use this week to not only Re-Pattern your own body, but also replenish your mind and soul. 

Please call 928-325-0011 to discuss your custom Neuromuscular Retreat Program Package details.

Teacher Training

Pilates CoreAlign Teacher Training

Progressions Method Neuromuscular Re-Patterning.jpg

The Progressions Method for Neuromuscular Re-Patterning neurologically re-organizes the efficiency in the way the body moves. This method utilizes the Progressions Body Alignment Landmarks and a science based approach to exercise progression programming to ultimately balance the joints and effectively realign the body to create a safe and long term adaptation.




Reformer Progressions Course

The movement progressions approach to private or group sessions will take your Pilates Reformer teaching to a new level. This progressive sequencing approach has been proven to enhance client adaptation and longevity. Learn and implement this programming method for immediate client success.

  • This is a 2-day (16 hours) course
  • Instructor manual plus the Reformer progressions ProFlip lesson Guide is included with weekend course
  • This Progressions course implements Body Landmark Alignment methods and the 10-step Exercise Introduction Procedure for safe progression and improved client retention

Advanced Reformer Course

The Progressions Advanced Reformer Course is designed for instructors who teach advanced level Reformer instruction in a private or group setting. This course progresses from the structure of the Reformer Progressions Course and also includes an instructors manual and a Reformer Advanced Progressions ProFlip for easy implementation.

Cadillac Comprehensive Course

The Progressions Cadillac Course is a comprehensive training covering beginner through advanced exercises. This course follows the comprehensive guidelines set forth by the Pilates Method Alliance and includes a 200 page exercise manual.


CoreAlign Progressions Course

The CoreAlign progressions course will change the way you approach your CoreAlign practice.. The Progressions structure will give a renewed excitement in how individual and class teaching is approached. Learn and implement this programming method for immediate client success.

  • This is a 2-day (16 hours) course
  • Instructor manual plus the CoreAlign progressions ProFlip lesson Guide is included with weekend course
  • This Progressions course implements Body Landmark Alignment methods and the 10-step Exercise Introduction Procedure for safe progression and improved client retention

Advanced CoreAlign Course

Deepen the way you approach your CoreAlign practice with your clients. The Progressions Advanced CoreAlign Course is designed for instructors who teach advanced level CoreAlign instruction in a private or group setting. This course includes an advanced exercise instructors manual and a CoreAlign advanced progressions ProFlip for easy implementation.

Pilates Method Alliance CEC

Structural Alignment Assessment Course

The Progressions Structural Alignment Assessment is a 2-day course that is the key for client success and retention. This assessment will create the pathway to successful programming for your clients. By learning to analyze and calculate each of the five body segments in 11 daily movements that comprises the Structural Alignment Assessment, you will maximize the specificity in your programming and positive change in your client’s movement patterns. Developing a baseline by utilizing the Structural Alignment Assessment, will allow you to be able to not only track your programming progress, but be able to clearly communicate these advances to your clients.

This Assessment becomes even more powerful when combined with the Progressions Body Landmarks. These tools will give both you and your clients confidence and clarity in their movement re-patterning process. Implementing this analysis and goal setting system will create clients for life!

Structural Alignment Assessment
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Teacher Training Pricing

Weekend Course

Weekend courses are set throughout the year. These 2-day courses are approved for 16 PMA CECs.

PRICE: $695

Individual Teacher Training Intensive

Hayley Healey offers individually scheduled teacher training intensives that follow the Progressions Method 16-hour coursework, and can be structured individually or with 2 students. This allows students to have the flexibility to "schedule their own course" on a timeline that works best for them. Scheduling can range from a weekly four-hour block for the more local student to a individualized 2-day course on a weekend that best works for the student(s). This structure will allow a more direct and individualized teaching experience for the student.

Single student course - approved for 16 PMA CECs

PRICE: $1500

Two student course - approved for 16 PMA CECs

PRICE: $1150 per student


Hourly Rate: $125 


Hayley Healey Movement Progressions offers limited refunds for students who cancel prior to or during the Program.  A $100.00 non-refundable fee is included in your registration fee for any 2-day course.

If you cancel fewer than thirty (30) days prior to the start of the course, then within thirty (30) days of receiving your cancellation request, we will refund all monies paid by you to us other than the $100 Deposit and $150 late cancellation fee. Because your attendance would be a deciding factor as to whether the course would run as scheduled, anything less than fifteen (15) days prior to the course date will not receive a refund. 

In the event of your cancellation as described above, Hayley Healey Movement Education will allow you to transfer any monies paid by you for the cancelled program to any other Hayley Healey Movement Education course for which you qualify, so long as such program is scheduled to commence within one (1) year of the initial cancelled course. 

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